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Coronet Hawk Lathe Headstock Accessories

Fit MT2

Sprung Point Multi-Tooth Drive Centers- 

The central locating pin of the drive center retracts into its body when pressure is applied from the lathe tailstock, leaving the ring of teeth around the circumference to hold the workpiece extremely securely, with clamping pressure spread evenly across the teeth. The retraction of the locating pin means it cannot split the timber, making it ideal for use with smaller and more delicate work.
The locating pin tension is adjustable, allowing for lower tension to be set for small, delicate workpieces and higher tension for use with hard woods and large timbers.
Another key benefit of this design is that the workpiece can be removed from the lathe if required and easily repositioned, using the indentations created by the locating pin and ring of teeth as an accurate guide.

Adjustable Locating Pin

The locating pin tension is adjustable, allowing for lower tension to be set for small, delicate workpieces and higher tension for use with hard woods and large timbers.

Ideal for Use with Laminated Timber

The spring-loaded locating pin retracts into the body of the drive center, allowing the outer teeth to grip the workpiece. This is ideal when using laminated timber as it greatly reduces the chance of splitting.

Coronet Falcon Lathe Tailstock Accessories

Live Center Kit- This live center kit gives woodturners a huge amount of flexibility, allowing for a wide range of work to be undertaken.
The finely engineered live center body features two sealed-for-life bearings for faultless, smooth performance. The high-precision manufacture ensure that the tips are a perfect fit in the live center body and a rubber O-ring holds them in place securely. The tips are easily removed from the lathe tailstock using the supplied knockout bar.
In addition to the many operations the tips make possible, the live center body itself can be used to carry out long hole boring – with no tips fitted, it acts as a ring center to support the workpiece and the body is fully bored to accept the standard 5/16” (8 mm) long hole boring augers.


Coronet Falcon Interchangeable Live Centre Traditional Tip

This traditional design features a 60º tip, to give effective penetration into the workpiece, supporting large timbers well. It is ideal for use on spindle work and can also be used to support headstock-mounted bowls and larger vessels from the tailstock. Internal support can be given to pre-bored timbers with bores from 1 to 43 mm in diameter, across the full range of the live center cone taper.


Coronet Falcon Interchangeable Live Centre Detail Tip

This elongated single-point tip gives greater access to the workpiece at the tailstock - ideal for removing the bottoms of bowls, creating small dowels and much more. The tip is angled at 90º rather than the traditional 60º, ensuring the load is spread across a larger area, reducing the chance of splitting small, delicate workpieces.


Coronet Falcon Interchangeable Live Centre Multi-Tooth Tip

This multi-tooth live center tip features a ring of teeth around the circumference, with a central drive point to give accurate positioning. This design gives an extremely strong grip, thanks to the many points of contact in the timber, which also minimizes the risk of splitting the timber.

As the grip is spread across many small teeth rather than 4 or 6 prongs, it is possible to grip the timber sufficiently just by using the clamping pressure of the lathe tailstock.

Another benefit of this design is that your work can be removed from the lathe and accurately repositioned, using the markings created in the timber by the center point and ring of teeth as an accurate guide.

This tip also gives a fantastic grip to paper-joint wood blanks, as the ring of teeth grip on many points across the drive’s circumference across both sections of wood on either side of the joint.

It makes an ideal partner to the range of Coronet Hawk Multi-Tooth Drive Centers, allowing timber to be held securely at both ends of the lathe quickly, easily and accurately.


Coronet Falcon Interchangeable Live Centre Pen Turning Tip

The pen turning tip is a game-changer for pen turners. Rather than use the screw at the tailstock end of the pen mandrel to secure the pen blanks, mechanisms and spacers in place, the pen turning tip simply slides over the mandrel and registers against the spacers. Tailstock clamping pressure is then used to secure the pen components in place between the headstock and tailstock.

This method means that no pressure is applied to the mandrel itself, eliminating the risk of bowing the mandrel which can cause the final pen to have uneven wall thickness, which in turn stops the pen’s components aligning correctly. Using the pen tip will help you create the most accurate and well-made pen possible. In addition, this method is fast, easy and secure, making it a great time-saving operation for prolific pen turners.

Ring Center- 

This ring center features two high quality sealed-for-life bearings, giving extremely smooth rotation. The ring design gives a larger area of contact than a traditional live center for an increased grip. This makes it ideal for supporting small or brittle timbers and works very well with paper-jointed blanks, giving a strong grip to both pieces of timber either side of the joint.

Another great advantage of this design is that workpieces can be removed and refitted to the lathe accurately, thanks to the positive location of the center point and ring, which can be used for easy registration