Workbench Organizers - Glue organizers

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Workbench Organizers - Glue organizers

Know where your glues are and keep them in order! This set is designed by a woodturner who was struggling to find the glue or always tipping it over or opening two bottles at a time. 
Wood base is cut to fit the bottles perfectly and snugly to prevent tipping and to keep in a nice orderly fashion. 

One of a kind organizers boast knots or unique attributes to the wood.

*Organizers are cut to order, so this may delay your order a few days*

*glues are not included unless you select the organizer & glue bundle**single purchase gets single workbench organizer**tubes & blanks are not included in this purchase*

***shipments including Aerosol will be sent via ground so it will take longer and can only be shipped to the lower 48**