Trend Diamond Lapping Fluid

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Trend Diamond Lapping Fluid - 3.4 oz

Designed for use with diamond abrasives and used for more than 30 years in the engineering industry, Trend Lapping Fluid lubricates the surface of your diamond hone, improving performance and preventing clogging and rust.

Suitable for use with all quality diamond abrasive products
Use Trend lapping fluid instead of water to reduce threat of rusting by 95%
Reduces clogging and improves diamond performance

Benefits of using Trend Diamond Products:
Diamond works 98% faster than traditional honing stones
Saves time: refresh the edge on blades in place
Less frequent sending away of tools for sharpening
Saves money: light honing of tools extends the life of tools and cutters by eliminating the need for frequent grinding
Convenient: many Trend products fit in your pocket so they are always with you
Long lasting: Trend diamond is electro-plated on, not glued
Quality: Trend products offer unsurpassed quality and performance

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