Seam Ripper Necklace Kit

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Seam Ripper Necklace Kit

The Artisan® Seam Ripper Necklace kit features a Japanese made precision ground stainless steel SKC blade that's honed to a razor-sharp edge. Each kit includes a stylish rope chain necklace that holds the seam ripper in place with a strong magnetic post. The long-wearing, jewelry grade plating will keep your seam ripper looking great for years to come. This is the sharpest seam ripper kit we have tested and it is sure to be the envy of every seamstress.

  • Razor sharp SKC stainless steel blade
  • Rare earth magnet keeper on chain
  • Long-wearing, jewelry grade plating
  • Reversible blade mounts in handle when not in use

1.5oz (approximate)
Drill required 8mm
Brad point Drill Bit / Twist Drill Bit

Single Kit Includes-
- Seam Ripper Kit
-30" necklace chain

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