Premium Coloring Dye Wood Dye

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Premium Coloring Dye - 1.7 oz

Premium Coloring Dyes magnify the natural beauty of high figured wood without masking it. Made in the USA by a top dye maker with over 100 years experience,  alcohol-based coloring dyes produce the deepest, most vibrant colors of any dye/stain we have tried. And because they are alcohol based, they evaporate quickly so you can work faster.

Can be used in a number of ways to create stunning effects on figured wood including layering multiple colors to create added depth and contrast, diluting to achieve a wash effect or mixing to create custom colors. They also work well with light colored woods that have a curly or tiger stripe figure by amplifying the chatoyance of the wood grain.

Premium Coloring Dyes are supplied premixed and ready to use straight from the bottle. Dye can be applied using a paper towel, rag, brush or dauber. Applying with a spray bottle aids in blending colors together. Seal and finish with a lacquer-based top coat such as spray lacquer.

Supplied with handy applicator bottle for better control
Amplifies existing wood figure
Add depth and contrast by layering colors
Premixed, ready to use straight from the bottle
5% Shellac binds color, adds control, and seals wood
No mess - no need to dilute
UV resistant for minimal fading over time
Dilute with denatured alcohol for delicate wash effect
Not recommended for outdoor use
Alcohol based
Shake before use
Made in USA

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