M3 Rod Pen Blanks

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M3 Rod Pen Blanks

Rods measure 5" x 3/4" 

What is M3?

In the 17th century the Japanese created wood grain patterns in metal by fusing gold, silver and other metals to make adornments for Samaria Swords. Adornments which served no other purpose than too add beauty and make the swords more desirable. They called this “Mokume Gane” which literally translates to “Wood Grain Metal”.

M3 Mokume is my 21st century interpretation of this ancient art. Instead of fusing and twisting hot metal, I use advanced composite technology developed in America’s finest colleges and universities, to create twisted layers of atomized metals (and other elements) which have been reconstructed using chemistry instead of heat.

The resulting new material has a unique macro molecular structure exhibiting characteristics that are the sum of its parts, both visible and structural. This material is called “Macro Molecular Material” or “M3” for short. “M3 Mokume” literally translates to Macro Molecular Material Wood Grain; which is exactly what it is.

I have taken the same advanced material technology that has revolutionized the aerospace, medical, marine and construction industries, and applied it to engineering beautiful materials that are easy to work yet will literally look great forever. 

Michael Kogan, President    M3 Composite Innovations, LLC.

 *Completed pen shown as sample, pen kit not included with this purchase, get your Sirocco Pen Kit show with Cobaltium Mokume*

**single purchase gets single blank, multiples shown to demonstrate variety in patterns**