Lazy Susan bearings

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Lazy Susan bearings

Round Galvanized Sheet Lazy Susan Bearing or Aluminum Alloy Lazy Susan Bearing

Galvanized Sheet Lazy Susan: It has two mounting plates, one for attaching to a stable surface and another is to provide a rotating turntable. It is made of galvanized sheet, corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, wear resistant and durable. And it could work effectively and smoothly. It is suitable for using with revolving shelves in kitchen cabinets, planters, serving platters at the table, and large tabletops etc. They will be available within one week after your payment.

5.5" - 135mm
8" - 204mm
9" - 230mm
12" - 304mm

Aluminum Alloy Bearing: The bearing is made from aluminium  with a 8.5mm thickness. A load rating for the bearing is about 150kg for 12" & 180kg for 16". Counter sunk holes come with removable non-skid stoppers giving you the choice of producing a Lazy Susan in the traditional way or just fixing the bearing to the underside of your timber, saving material and labor costs. 

10" - 250mm
12" - 300mm
16" - 392mm