Laguna M|Flux 5 Fume Extractor

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The m|flux:5 fume extractor from Laguna is designed to provide air filtration for laser machines. The intake on top of the unit offers 4 x 4” inlets with a central 6” inlet. Any combination of inlet – 1x4”, 2x4”, 3x4”, 4x4”, 1x6”- can be used with this unique design. 
Materials such as acrylic and wood emit noxious fumes when cut or engraved by the laser machine. These fumes are harmful to our lungs, as well as harmful to the machine, and should be filtered or drawn away from the machine. This fume collector allows you to efficiently filter out these fumes and fine debris from the air.
The HEPA filter offers 99.99% filtration efficiency of  > 0.3 micron.
Two different kinds of Charcoal filter are utilized: the M3000 (2”) mitigates fumes by physical absorption, the M9000 (2”) mitigates fumes by chemical reaction.
Below the filters sit a 1HP 110 volt TEFC motor and fan that supplies 400CFM and high static pressure to pull the air through the filters.
HEPA filters are approximately 13” x 13” x 4"
Carbon filters are approximately 13” x 13” x 2"
Filters are easily replaced by unlocking the compartment, lifting it off, and inserting the cartridge.
The unit is equipped with swivel casters, the two front casters have built-in brakes.



Motor Specs: 1 HP 
Electrical Specs: 110V / 60Hz / 1PH 
Running AMP (with 6” inlet) 7A at 110V
Air Volume: 313CFM (cubic feet per minute)
Fan size 9”
Inlet: Ø6” and optional 4” x 4ports covered with steel plates
Switch Control panel switch
Packing Size:
(L x W x H) 40.2” x 19.3“ x 21.5”
(102 x 49 x 54.5 cm)
Machine weight 128 lbs (58 kgs)
Shipping weight 139 lbs (63 kgs)

Filter Media 
HEPA Filter 
Mini Pleated Panel type High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter 
330 x 330 x 100mm x 2pcs (Top layer and Bottom layer)
Filtration efficiency 99.99% of  > 0.3micron particles.
Charcoal Air Filter 
Activated carbon
330 x 330 x 50mm x 1pc
To remove odors/smoke via physical adsorption.
Charcoal Air Filter 
Activated carbon
330 x 330 x 50mm x 1pc to remove odors/smoke by chemical adsorption.

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