Historic Imbed JR Gentlemen's Pen Blanks

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JR Gentlemen's Pen Blanks -  by Jason Rose

Imbedded in each blank is a piece of history. COA included with each purchase 

Fits JR Gent II & JR Series Pen kits: JR Gent II,  JR George JR Retro RBJR AaronJR Statesman, JR DukeJR Independence 

 *pen kit not included in this purchase**blank will need to be turned, for baseball blanks cap is pre-tubed, bottom needs to be drilled and tubed*

Pearl Harbor 

These unique blanks come with COA shown. Encased in the blank are small pieces of both the USS Arizona and a downed Japanese Zero Fighter 


These unique blanks come with COA shown. Embedded in the blank are pieces of wood reclaimed by MR. William J. Parker while searching for survivors aboard the cable ship Mina and coal that was recovered from the wreckage in the year 2000.