Independence Hall Imbed Blanks

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Independence Hall Imbed Blanks - JR Series Blanks, Bolt Action Blanks 

Sample shown paired with JR Independence Pen Kit

This blank contains a small piece of a beam from Independence Hall.

The original structure of Independence Hall remained intact until 1897, when renovations became necessary. At that time some of the original oak and cedar beams were replaced. The removed beams were stored for preservation by several private collectors. To celebrate the Bicentennial in 1976, Burnes of Boston offered a limited number of chips cut from the original cedar beams of Independence Hall. Each chip was numbered and presented in a beautiful case. This is the source of the wood embedded in your blank.

These were cast in epoxy resin. 

Please use a squaring jig with a sander to square up your label cast cast blanks, a barrel trimmer is not recommended, as it can damage the label. 

*completed pen not included with this purchase. pen kit not included with this purchase*