USS Texas Deck Wood Blank

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USS Texas Deck Wood Blank
This wood came from the Deck of the USS Texas, It is very thick pine with a coating on the top side(can still be seen on some blanks depending on cut.

Single purchase gets single blank - blank sizes will vary, multiples shown to demonstrate range in blanks
Pen Blank is approximately 5" x 3/4"
Pen Blank Short is approximately 3" x 3/4"
Ring Blank is approximately 1" x 1" & 1 cm width
Knife Scales measure approximately 5" x 1.5" & 1" width (.5" each piece)

**Our Digital Information card included with this purchase so you can make your own COA

We try and cut these to produce blanks that are very solid but these blanks are actual deck wood, so some imperfections may be present.   You may need to CA or even fill spots as it is authentic. 


*sizes are approximate as some variation exists.