Henry Taylor M2 HSS Dovetailer & Finger Grip Tool

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Cutting the correct dovetail angle on the work piece in preparation for chucking is a key factor in maximizing your chucks ability to hold the work firmly in place. The Henry Taylor® M2 HSS Dovetailer's new dual-angle design makes cutting the dovetail on the base of your work automatic. When one cutting edge is parallel to the base of the bowl, the correct dovetail angle is automatically cut by the other. Not only does this simple tool cut inside and outside dovetails equally well, the entire length of the blade can be sharpened using a standard bench grinder.
M2 High-speed steel
4" Blade
16" Overall length
Rex & Kip Signature Finger Grip Tool:
Creating perfectly spaced finger grips on your pens is quick and easy with the Henry Taylor® M2 HSS Rex & Kip Signature Finger Grip Tool. Not only do finger grips make a pen more user friendly, they look great and add value too. It is also very useful for adding a decorative touch to toothpick holders, pill holders, key rings and other small projects.
Blade length: 3-1/2" long. Handle length: 10" long.