Fly Blank for Monarch Pen Kits - by Braxton Frankenbery

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Fly Blank for Monarch Pen Kits - by Braxton Frankenbery

This blank is made with only the best products available on the market today. The label background is made with vinyl not paper. The resin is epoxy based which ensures clarity and reduced yellowing over time. The fly is genuine and made by Anglers Choice Flies in New Smyrna Beach, FL. 

Each blank comes with a certificate with the below turning directions. 

Turning Directions:
Please notice the minimum diameter your blank should be turned between the hook(s). It is imperative that the blank is not turned below this diameter, especially near the eye of the hook. If for some reason your blank is not marked on the top with a minimum turning diameter, please contact me. Recommended finish of the blank is with wet micro mesh and plastic polish. If for some reason any part of the fly is exposed while turning, do not turn in that area any more. Finish turning the rest of the blank then perform a CA finish for the blank. Build up the CA over the exposed area. Once the exposed area is covered, sand and finish as normal. Thank you! 

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**Single purchase gets single blank, multiples in image to show range of patterns**