Fishing Blanks

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Fishing Blanks - by Travis Brewer

Made with fishing hooks and either cork or antler 

For optimum results, these blanks need to be milled on a disc sander and not with an end-mill. Also, we suggest using slow cuts with sharp carbide tools.

7mm/Euro-7mm tubes - fit Euro Pen Kit. You will need to make your own center band. Bushings included with purchase to fit blank (Bushings only available with blank).

 Monarch Family Blanks fit - MonarchMonarch GrandeElegant Monarch, BankerSierra Nomad, Sierra - Berea BrandAresSirocco Zephyr

JR Series Blanks fit - JR Gent II,  JR George JR Retro RBJR Aaron, JR DukeJR Independence 

**Single purchase gets single blank, multiples in image to show range of patterns*Turned pen/blank not included with this purchase, completed pen shown as example of finished product**