Jr Gentlemen's II Carbon Fiber Pen Blank

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Carbon Fiber Pen Blank

Artisan® Pre-Cast Carbon Fiber Pen Blanks are made of the highest quality materials and are specially cast in a pressurized chamber to ensure each blank is free from air pockets and bubbles.

  • Genuine Carbon Fiber non-hardened material enhanced by crystal clear acrylic resin
  • Resists discoloration and fogging over time
  • No drilling or gluing required, simply trim barrel to appropriate length and turn
  • Easily turn and sand to a glass-like finish using Micro-Surface™ abrasives

Fits JR Gent II & JR Series Pen kits: JR Gent II RBJR Gent II FN,  JR George JR Retro RBJR AaronJR Statesman RBJR Statesman FNVenus RB,
**completed pen as example only, purchase does not include pen kit**