Beginner Classes

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Beginner Classes

Beginning Pen Turning Classes -  (to be used by March 31st)

Book 1 for yourself or gift to a loved one.

You could also book 2 spots and bring a date, parent, child*, or special someone!

No turning experience is required for these Beginner Classes.

Under the tutelage of expert turner Chad Schimmel you will turn and finish your item. At the end of this class you will have a finished product to show off to your friends and family!

Class Schedule is updated 

  • Tubed Kit Class - approximately 120 minutes

You will learn about basic safety, lathe use, beginning turning skills. You will have a chance to practice and turn your own tubed kit that you get to take home at the end of the class.  Some examples are - Fancy Slimline Pen Kit, Cigar Pen Kit, Key Chain kit, Razor Kit, Seam Ripper Kit, etc.

  • Inlay Ring Class - approximately 120 minutes

You will have a hands on experience making an inlay channel ring that you get to take home with you at the end of the class. You will learn how to use UV Resin to inlay stone or opal in a Stainless Steel Inlay Ring Core using the Ring Maker Station, polish and finish on the lathe. 

Check out this video from a previous class

  • Project Kit Class - approximately 120 minutes

In this class you will learn how to use the Universal Mandrel system with knurled brass inserts to turn project kits like Pizza Slicer, Coffee Scoop, Bottle Opener, Ice Cream Scoop, etc. 

  • CA Finishing Class - approximately 1hour

Bring your tubed and turned blanks, ready to be finished. You get a set of 2oz Thin & Medium Flex CA, 12oz Aerosol Accelerator & in person guidance on perfecting your CA Finish. This is an amazing deal! Get an in person, hands on tutorial on how to perfect your CA finish & go home with a set of Flex CA & Accelerator for an amazing price!



1. What is the minimum age to participate?

*Must be 18+ years old to participate in turning classes

2. What safety gear is needed?

We will have Safety Glasses and face shields available for use. Please do not wear loose clothing, long sleeves should be rolled up, closed toed shoes required. Long hair needs to be pulled back. 

3. How long is the class?

Beginner Classes will be approximately 60-120 minutes depending on the content

4. Where is the class located?

We host these classes here at Turners Warehouse. Come on down to the shop! 

5. When do I need to use the class by?

Classes purchased Black Friday week need to be used by March 31st 2023

6. This is a gift, how do I tell the person to book their class?

After purchasing this special deal we will email you directly with a certificate you can print out for your loved one to wrap for the holidays! Your loved one is encouraged to contact us at with the order number to redeem and book their class. 

***Please NOTE classes must be 50% full to run.  If a class does not meet the registration class will be rescheduled or refunded.  ****

***kit choice subject to approval and availability of inventory*

***Black Friday purchase no longer eligible for use after March 31, 2023*