Record Power SC3 Chuck Bowl Bundle - 10% off

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Included in this bundle: 

Chuck body 

Woodworm screw

Jaw screws (8)

Hex wrenches

SC3 Chuck key

Insert spanner wrench

Storage case 

This bundle includes the following sets of jaws:

62313 - 50 mm standard jaws (approximately 2")

Featuring a specialised dovetail profile in expansion and the superb grip of the hawk beak design on contraction, these versatile jaws are a great all-round set, capable of bowl work to a good size and also spigot turning. They are supplied as standard with the SC3 and SC4 chucks.

Expansion: 52 - 72 mm
Contraction Spigot: 42 - 61 mm
Contraction Square: 30 - 51 mm 

62317- 130mm dovetail jaws (approximately 5.12"

Featuring a specialised dovetail profile, these jaws are ideal for turning up to 30” bowls. They also feature a reverse dovetail for a contracting grip on large spigots.

Expansion: 125 - 145 mm
Contraction Spigot: 104 - 123 mm
Contraction Square: 74 - 94 mm 

62327 - Pin Jaws w/9mm bore (approximately .35")

Our new pin jaws have been improved by squaring the external shoulder to allow workpieces to properly register against the back of the jaws. This is ideal for use in expansion, to grip tubes in work pieces such as pepper or salt grinders. We have also reduced the internal diameter to 9 mm, making it ideal for making finials or lace bobbins - Thereby increasing its versatility. This set is ideal for miniature turning and to grip workpieces internally without excessive damage or marking.

Expansion: 28 - 45 mm
Contraction Spigot: 9 - 28 mm
Contraction Square: 7 - 27 mm