Alumidust Powders / Pigments

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Alumidust - 
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Use Alumidust powders in combination with Alumilite casting resins or Alumisol to achieve beautiful effects in your casting project. Use Alumidust sparingly as a small amount goes a long way. Alumidust is non toxic and can be brushed into the mold or added to your casting material. To achieve the brightest look, brush the powder into a high gloss silicone rubber mold. The higher the gloss the brighter the look.

Alumilite Glow-In-The Dark Powder:

Use Alumilite Phosphorescent Powder to add Glow in the dark properties to your castings!  Can be added to your castings that already contain dye and metallic powder to make your blank nice by day and cool at night!

Alumilite Pearlescent Powder is used to give an incredible pearl like shimmer to your castings.  Can be added to dyed Alumilite to give movement and shimmer. 

Contains 1 fl oz as a fine powder