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Variable Speed Miniature Angle Grinder Universal Carving Set

Variable Speed Miniature Angle Grinder Universal Carving Set

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  • Great for miniature work like carving spoons, small bowls, or for details on faces and feathers
  • Portable and versatile. Terrific for carving, shaping and sanding in difficult, hard to reach places
  • Excellent for woodcarving, miniature woodworking, DIY auto repairs, metal and finish work
  • Used with or against the grain on flat, straight, round, convex, concave and contoured surfaces
  • Can be used on wood, plastic, rubber, bone, fiberglass and other soft non-ferrous materials
  • Many accessories also fit higher powered, single speed mini grinders
  • Can be powered by an automobile’s AC/DC power converter
  • Easily upgraded with over 60 accessories to expand your range of applications and projects
  • Eliminates the need for an air compressor

The Merlin2 Universal Carving Set is our entry-level system containing the miniature angle grinder and six accessories for cutting, shaping and sanding. Good all round starter set and great for miniature woodcarving, woodworking, D-I-Y’s and metal work. MERLIN2® is a miniature, variable speed long neck angle grinder with six accessories including the 8 tooth “Smallest Chainsaw in the World”. Excellent choice for woodcarving, metalwork, miniature woodworking and finish work. We don’t recommend using this set for carving large free-form bowls, sculptures, totem poles or the like. We have other tools you’ll love for those massive projects!  The mini grinder’s variable speed also gives you excellent control over every one of the accessories – from slow to fast speeds, you’re in the driver’s seat!

Plug/Voltage- 110-115v
Watts/Amps-100 watts 




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