Ares Pen Kit

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***Mix and Match any Group B Kits for the Quantity Discounts***

 Ares Pen Kit - The all new High End ballpoint from Taylors Mirfield

Design in collaboration with British Made Pen Kits

Quality finial mounted twist mechanism.

Supplied with high quality Schmidt parker style refill as standard.

Compatible with Sierra tubes to allow for use with tube in blanks.

Uses Sierra/Monarch/Banker bushings TBC or mandrel  
TBC - Turn Between Centers Bushings 

4.875 inches long, (124mm)
2.5 oz (approximate)
Drill required 27/64"
Brad point Drill Bit / Twist Drill Bit

Single Kit Includes-
-Pen Kit
-Parker Style Ink Refill

For information/instructions please go to our INFO page

 *single purchase gets single pen kit, blanks not included in purchase*